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Are you thinking about trading in your used car? You can’t afford to keep up with the payments. It’s bad enough your payments are making you go insane – you just poured a boat load of money into it for repairs and you still hear your engine ticking. Well there’s good news, at Napleton we buy used cars. We work with you, and guarantee you get a competitive price for your used car. With one used car trade in appraisal request, you could easily trade in your old used car for a brand new set of wheels—all without any price haggling, contracts, or biased opinions.  Request a used car trade in appraisal today and we will offer you a competitive price the same today. When we’re done you will be glad you came to Napleton for your used car trade in.  Ready? Let’s get started.

Use Car Trade in Process

Before we give you an estimate, it is important that you understand our process in evaluating your used car .We start off by conducting a full auto inspection that includes:

  • Inspecting the used cars outer and underbody for rusts and dents.
  • Looking for any signs of cracked lights
  • Checking the mirrors and doors for defects
  • Inspecting the brakes  and tires
  • Taking your used car for a test drive
  • Inspecting the used car’s mileage
  • Inspecting the amenities and more

Next, we pull up your used vehicles CarFax report to get the full history of the vehicle. After we plug your cars information into Trade in Value’s evaluation feature we find your used cars trade in value.
Once we complete the used car trade in appraisal, we offer you a final guaranteed trade in value- at which you choose if you want to sell your used car to us. There is no obligation and no purchase necessary.



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