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6 Ways to Double Your Used Cars Trade In Value

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The Secrets Used Car Dealerships Are Forbidden To Share
Own a used car.. Want to trade it in? Whether we love or hate our used cars, the day always comes which we have to trade them in.
And it’s not just an easy task that we can brush off either.  As cars owners, our used cars are our prized possessions.  And sometimes it’s hard to make other people see them how we see them.
Seriously. So what do we do to get our used cars ready for trade in?
You start looking at what you paid for your car and hope you can get a fair trade in value. We have a solution that is better than hope. If you want to get the most for your used car trade in, check out these 6 quick steps to help you boost your trade in value. It should help you get ready in no time. Let’s get started.

6 Ways to Double Your Used Cars Trade In Value

  1. Detail Your Used Car
    It’s proven that detailing your car makes a huge difference.  Once you discover the rejuvenating power of a quick detail, you might want to kick yourself for trading in your used car.  The moment you pull up to any car dealer, the general manager will instantly fall in love with your car. You might spend $100, but you are going to make it back tenfold, the moment you sell your used car.

  2. Dent Fix
    The secret to instantaneously passing any car dealerships full auto inspection and walking out satisfied is hidden in every body shop. Take the time to remove any dents you have in your used car. What most people don’t know is that dents and scratches can make your used car value plummet. Removing the dents and scratches in your used car will only cost you a few bucks more than a movie ticket

  3. Fix any small Problems
    If you take the time to fix the small problems in your used car, you are going to experience a generous return.  Minor improvements make the difference in what your receive for your trade in value. Power window that don’t work.  Automated doors that won’t lock. Defective power steering. Fixing anyone of these  inefficiencies can make turn around your  car dealers attitude about your used car.

  4. Consider Your Tires
    Believe it or not your tires tell a car dealer whether they should take your car. If you bring in a used car  with new tires  you are sure to provoke interest.  Any signs of cracked ribs, balding tires, or leaks, is a sign they have to cover the expenses. Therefore, you can eliminate the entire conversation with new set of tires. You can tell if you need new tires by checking the thread.

  5. Interior
    Would you believe it if I told you that cleaning your car’s interior could boost your chances of getting the trade in value for your used car that you are looking for.   It is mind blowing how many used cars come into a car dealership that need to be cleaned out. Restore the luxury of your used cars interior by taking the time to:
    • Remove those horrific stains that plague the carpet
    • Vacuum the carpets and seats to get rid of any crumbs
    • Unload the trunk to showcase your spacious cargo space
    • Eliminate  any awful odors with the zest of new car air fresheners
    • Replenish the new car aura with a sparkling dashboard

  6. Organize Maintenance Records

    If we could emphasize one tactic that would absolutely give you more room to bargain and speed up the trade in process- find all of your maintenance records. Although Used Car Dealerships run a report on your car, it’s always in your best interest to keep a record of your maintenance. In the time it takes to gather all of your used car maintenance information, you can be well on your way buying a new set of wheels.





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